Carolyn J Roberts is a mixed media artist who create expressive, intuitive artworks inspired by her fascination with the landscapes and its elements.


‘The landscape, nature, the ‘great outdoors’; that feeling of freedom and space I get when outside feeds my soul, brings balance to my life…and sparks my creativity. I sketch, take photos, make notes…or just sit, absorbing every detail – the forms, colours and textures of these wild places providing endless inspiration for my work…

Back in the studio, I explore my notes and drawings, working with charcoal, inks and watercolours: mediums that are fluid and spontaneous, unpredictable even. I let the watercolours or inks run and pool, building up soft layers; the work evolving almost organically, intuitively, until it becomes a distillation of my response to the landscape rather than a specific representation of the location.

Although I always enjoyed art it wasn’t until 2009 that this love developed into something more serious, leading to three years of study at Loughborough University, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art in 2013. I have since exhibited throughout the East Midlands, participated in art fairs and exhibitions, and sold to buyers both in the UK and overseas.’