Private View 7 February 8PM


Exhibition Dates: Feb 8 - May 2019


 Linda Hollaway’s ‘Butterflies & Nets’ is now open …
We think cake and art go very well together! So visit us and see Linda Hollaway’s solo show – 40 works of art around a theme of mental health running til mid May. We ALSO have originals by Carolyn J Roberts. AND don’t forget we have a cafe here too! Grantham Tennis Club

Private View 7 February -8pm


Linda Hollaway

Linda Holloway’s work creates visual environments that absorb us as we move closer, filling our whole field of vision with a gentle hum of tonal harmonies that Holloway likens to visual music.
Light is not only an active participant in the viewing experience of Holloway’s work, but intrinsic to the making of these paintings. Holloway’s paintings respond sensitively to the shifting environments in which they were made, but also create a shifting environment in and of themselves. As we approach the works our own shadows are cast onto them, and become incorporated with the paintings. Our presence becomes intrinsic to the formation of these works as we actively contribute to the sense of movement and transformation, and so each experience of them is unique.
The poignancy of Holloway’s paintings exists in the crucial space between repetition and difference. This notion encourages us to look not just at the shared commonality between forms, occurrences or events, but to notice and revel in the differences between seemingly repetitive phenomena. The subtle, transformative qualities of Holloway’s paintings encourage us to embrace this sense of difference, and enjoy moments of transience and experience.