Private View 29 June 2017, 7-9pm


Exhibition Dates: July 5th -


Come rain or shine we have a wonderful selection of paintings on display in ‘Exploring Place’ exhibition by Carolyn Roberts, Kate Robotham and John Pooler. Come and visit us at Grantham Tennis Club. We’re open 7 days, cafe, free parking and much much more!

Last few weeks of Exploring Place exhibition at Grantham Tennis Club. Come on down and see beautiful church paintings by John Pooler; charcoal and ink paintings by Carolyn Roberts and ink and wash paintings by Kate Robotham. All the paintings are framed and available to buy.

Private View 29 jUNE 2017 8PM


John Pooler

My name is John M Pooler and I am an artist working mainly in watercolour based in Nottingham. The subjects I paint are very varied but buildings and street scenes frequently appear in my work.

Carolyn Roberts

The landscape, nature, the ‘great outdoors’; that feeling of freedom and space I get when outside feeds my soul, brings balance to my life…and sparks my creativity. I sketch, take photos, make notes…or just sit, absorbing every detail – the forms, colours and textures of these wild places providing endless inspiration for my work…

Back in the studio, I explore my notes and drawings, working with charcoal, inks and watercolours: mediums that are fluid and spontaneous, unpredictable even. I let the watercolours or inks run and pool, building up soft layers; the work evolving almost organically, intuitively, until it becomes a distillation of my response to the landscape rather than a specific representation of the location.

Although I always enjoyed art it wasn’t until 2009 that this love developed into something more serious, leading to three years of study at Loughborough University, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art in 2013. I have since exhibited throughout the East Midlands, participated in art fairs and sold to buyers both in the UK and overseas.

Kate Robotham

KATE ROBOTHAM is exhibiting now with us at Grantham Tennis Club. Beautiful paintings inspired by her time in Annecy and the British countryside in ink, intense wash, pencil and watercolour.
‘It is a mixture of seeing and feeling that make me want to respond to a landscape. Often, I am initially inspired by the formal qualities of the landscape – a combination of the shapes, colours, patterns, and compositions that I observe, but later my memories of a moment, a particular place can affect how or what I choose to paint back in the studio’.
Kate recently spent over a year living in the Alps in the South East of France painting the landscape out there. Since returning to live in the East Midlands, she has fallen in love with the English landscape again and its subtle, understated beauty. This exhibition brings together a fusion of both landscapes, united by the formal elements of colour, texture and form.
Kate Robotham is an award-winning contemporary landscape painter, based in the Midlands. Since graduating from Loughborough University with a degree in Fine Art, she has travelled, lived and exhibited internationally. Her paintings encapsulate a sense of place, whilst celebrating the formal qualities of the landscape. Her works present the viewer with an “emotive, paint-directed response to the landscape”.